The clinical research of the Parker Institute aims at increasing our knowledge of treatments for the major groups of diseases :

  • Degenerative musculoskeletal diseases such as osteoarthritis
  • Immuno-inflammatory diseases of joints, especially rheumatoid arthritis
  • Soft tissue pain conditions
  • Furthermore, the Parker Institute has an international status for diagnosis of sequels of torture.

This purpose is pursued clinical studies using patient reported outcomes as typical primary end points, with the addition of secondary end points from clinical examination, imaging diagnostics, laboratory measurements, biomechanics, and functional tests. The designs vary with the objectives and may be either cross sectional, cohort, or controlled randomised trials. In all cases, it is our aim to protocolise and prespecify the objectives and end points according to internationally accepted guidelines {ref Robin}. All clinical studies are submitted to the relevant boards of review including the Ethical Committee of the Capital Region, Denmark.

The PI has a number of investigator initiated studies ongoing, while also participates in trials in collaboration with the industry. It is our aim to be at the cutting edge of treatments within our area of expertise and to provide out patients with the best possibilities for participation in trials.

The results of our research is published after peer review, presented at congresses, while also communicated to relevant patients  groups. The PI has its own patient organisation and to ensure the patient perspective of the research, our activities are discussed and reviewed with patients representatives in a collaboration, which was founded along with the inauguration of the PI.

Finally, all research activities are reviewed annually by the scientific board of the institute as instigated by the Oak Foundation.