Musculoskeletal Statistics Unit

Exploring wheter apparently effective primary preventive measures of childhood obesity may be effect-modified by the prevalence of overweight at baseline: Protocol for a systematic review of reviews and meta-regression analysis of published randomized trials.

Clinical Research Unit

Persistent pain is a common symptom in patients with psoriatic arthritis (PsA) and may be caused by ongoing inflammation in joints, entheses and tendons. In some cases, ongoing pain may be due to “sensitization” of nerve cells involved in pain processing, which leads to increased pain perception even in the absence of disease activity. We aim to study pain mechanisms in relation to disease activity measured by clinical examination and ultrasound (US) of several musculoskeletal structures, in patients with PsA. Further, we intend to clarify if assessment of pain mechanisms and US are valuable tools to predict response to anti-inflammatory treatment in PsA.

Time plan

The study is enrolling PsA patients until February 2017