Research Unit for Dietary Studies (EEK) joins The Parker Institute

“It is a great pleasure to welcome the Research Unit for Dietary Studies (EEK) to the Parker family.

Over the past year it has become increasingly clear that we share many current and future research areas and both groups have investigated the effects of obesity and weight loss and therefore uniting the research groups fits well with the current research strategy of the Parker Institute.

The fusion will strengthen the epidemiologic capacity of the Parker Institute. Berit L. Heitmann and her group are outstanding in the field of nutritional epidemiology and the upcoming NoHoW project, funded by the recent Horizon2020 EU-programme, is fully in line with the clinical research tradition at the Parker Institute” – Says Lars Erik Kristensen, CSO at the Parker Institute.

Research Unit for Dietary Studies (EEK) is an internationally recognized research unit conducting research on diet-disease relationships in populations. The aim is to initiate and carry out research in the field of nutritional epidemiology on an international level, focusing on the importance of diet for the development of lifestyle related disease and death. Furthermore, the aim is to encourage and stimulate other researchers, including the training of younger researchers, to conduct research within the field of nutritional epidemiology.