Ulla Andersen

Occupation Therapist, MScOT
PhD student
3816 4153

Ulla Andersen graduated as an occupational therapist from the Copenhagen School of Occupational Therapy in 2000 and as Master of Science in Occupational Therapy at Lund University in 2018. Through more than 20 years of clinical praxis she has worked with specialized neurorehabilitation and community-based rehabilitation gaining experience in relation to a variety of diagnoses. Ulla has been working as an assistant manager at a municipal rehabilitation center. This has provided insight into organizing community-based rehabilitation, including collaboration across departments and with general practitioners. In 2018 she was employed as a lecturer at the University College Copenhagen. Since 2021 Ulla has worked parttime as a research assistant at the Parker Institute in relation to projects in the unit

Ulla has through this work developed highly specialized skills in how to evaluate and plan interventions in relation to a person’s ability to perform everyday life tasks – especially activities of daily living (ADL) tasks. Ulla has throughout her career been interested in the P-ADL tasks related to when people have difficulty eating and drinking due to illness, called dysphagia. In 2022 Ulla was certified as instructor in McGill Ingestive Skills Assessment (MISA) and Facial Oral Tract Therapy Swallowing Assesment of Saliva (FOTT-SAS) and is involved in research collaboration and teaching courses.

Ulla has also written book chapters, done consultation- and censor work. Ulla was enrolled as a PhD student at the University of Southern Denmark in January 2023.