Kristina Tomra Nielsen

Occupational Therapist
+45 7269 0932
+45 3816 4159

Kristina Tomra Nielsen graduated as an occupational therapist from the school of Occupational Therapy in Aalborg, in June 2001. Afterwards she was  employed at Aalborg Psychiatric Hospital for 7 years. In 2008, Kristina was employed as a lecturer at the Occupational Therapy Program at the University College of Northern Denmark, in Aalborg. Kristina has been teaching occupational therapy theory, including intervention process models and occupational therapy evaluations.

Since 2005, Kristina has been teaching courses in Assessment of Motor and Process Skills (AMPS). In addition, she has been lecturing and supervising in different areas of clinical practice, in relation to implementation of occupational therapy process models and occupational therapy evaluations. Kristina has also written book chapters and been occupied with censor work.

Kristina completed the Master of Science in Occupational Therapy program from Umeå University, Sweden in 2015. In her Master’s thesis she investigated the relationship between measures of self-reported and observed quality of Activities of Daily Li ving (ADL) task performance in adults with depression.

Kristina has been employed as an occupational therapist and PhD student at The Parker Institute since September 2015. In her PhD study she will develop, apply and evaluate an occupational therapy intervention program aiming at enhancing the ADL ability in persons with chronic diseases. Kristina was enrolled in the PhD program at the University of Southern Denmark in September 2015.