Bjarke Brandt Hansen

Honorary research fellow
+45 3816 4182
+45 3816 4159

Bjarke Brandt Hansen has a medical degree from the Copenhagen University in 2006, and his primary interest has always been related to the musculoskeletal system. He has worked as an anesthetist with special interest ind chronic pain treatment and ultrasound guided peripheral nerve block. In 2010 he started his specialist training in orthopedic sugery and has performed over 250 independent procedures. Bjarke has a great interest in teaching and he has been associated with the anatomical institute since 2003 and he is still an active teacher of dissection, for medical student. Evidence based learning is essential in his mind, and therefore he has been an active person in a large reform of the medical curriculum in 2001-2005. He has participated at several international conferences regarding evidence based teaching methods. Bjarke has also held several memberships, including: President of the medical student organization, Vice President of the medical teaching board, member of the examination appeals board etc. Bjarke started at the Parker Institute in October 2011 and his research focuses on degenerative changes in the lumbar spine, low back pain and weight bearing MR. His research will give a deeper understanding of the dynamic and structural changes in the lower part of the spine in the standing position.