Cecilie von Bülow

Occupational Therapist, Msc.OT, PhD
+45 3816 4147
+45 3816 4159

Cecilie von Bülow is an authorized occupational therapist (2006), with Master (2012) and PhD (2016) degrees in occupational therapy. Cecilie is occupied with promoting evidence-based practice within the fields of occupational therapy and rehabilitation. Cecilie has worked as an occupational therapist, primarily at rheumatology and medicine hospital wards, while also been responsible for clinical development projects promoting occupation- and client-centered interventions (2006-10). Cecilie has more than 10 years of educational/teaching/communication experience, due to employments at the University College of Copenhagen (2010-11) and University of Southern Denmark (2012-22), and due to lectures at network meetings, conference, workshops and education of professionals and patients (2007-still). Moreover, she has been employed as external professional (2015) and methodology consultant (2017-18) at the Danish Health Authority, to support development at National clinical guidelines.