Patient Board

In 2015, the Parker Institute has formally established a patient board for reviewing all new and on-going scientific projects. Members of the board have been recruited from the local patient association of the Parker Institute (see link below).

The role of the patient board will be to review and comment all future protocols, continuously monitor larger on-going research projects and thus ensure the patient perspective and provide face validity to the research conducted by the Parker Institute. More specifically the patient review board will address whether the project of focus is an issue that matters to patients and carers. Whether there are any areas relevant to patients and carers that are missing or should be highlighted. If the study is conducted will it really work in practice, and if so what challenges might the patients face. Are the outcomes measured the ones that are important to patients? Are there other outcomes that should have been considered? Based on the review obtained through the patient board the projects will be modified to encompass the patient perspective and thus formalize a user driven innovation process in the research activities carried out at the Parker Institute.