Dzenan Masic

PhD student

Rheumatologist Dženan Mašić received his medical degree from Aarhus University in 2009. Since 2009 he has been employed primarily in internal medicine, rheumatology at Silkeborg Regional Hospital, department of neurology at Aalborg University hospital and Viborg Regional Hospital and at internal medicine, cardiology Randers Regional Hospital. He completed his specialist training in rheumatology in 2018 and is working part time at rheumatology department at Silkeborg Regional Hospital and part time research fellow at Research Unit of Rheumatology, University of Southern Denmark since 2017.

Dženan is co-affiliated as a PhD student and fellow of clinical epidemiology at Musculoskeletal Statistics Unit, at The Parker Institute. His PhD project address clinical epidemiological concerns on the advancement and application of health research knowledge for clinical decisions managing cardiovascular comorbidities in inflammatory arthritis; the thesis will be integral to evidence-based rheumatology. Patients with inflammatory joint diseases have an increased risk of premature death compared with the general population, mainly because of the risk of cardiovascular disease, which is similar in patients with rheumatoid arthritis and in those with diabetes mellitus. The overarching aim of the PhD project is to evaluate the impact of rheumatoid arthritis and DMARD therapies on cardiovascular biomarkers and potentially introduce new preventive measures in clinical practice.

Dženan is also member of the DANBIO steering committee, webmaster for the Danish Society of Rheumatology and member of ATACC-RA consortium. Dženan has been board member of the Committee for National Treatment Guidelines in Denmark and the association of young rheumatologists in Denmark.