Symposium, Thursday October 13th 2016, 14:00



14.00-14.05 Introduction and welcome

Prof. Berit L Heitmann, The parker Institute, Copenhagen

14.05-15.05 Substitution of SSB intake and development of obesity over time

Post.doc Miaobing Zheng, University of Sydney, Australia

15.05-15.30 SSB intake and risk of CVD

PhD student Amelie Keller, The parker Institute, Copenhagen

15.30-15.45 Mediation of risk related to SSB intake

Post.doc Nanna Olsen and Prof. Berit Heitmann, The parker Institute,


15.45-16.00 SSB and weight development among the obesity prone

Post.doc Sofus Larsen, The parker Institute, Copenhagen

16.00-16.15 Closure and discussion

Prof. Berit L Heitmann


This symposium was developed in collaboration with The National Network for Research Training on Public Health (GRASPH), the Department of Public health, Copenhagen University and The Parker Institute, Frederiksberg and Bispebjerg Hospital.