Mina Nicole Holmgaard Händel

+45 3816 3053

With a background of a Professional Bachelor´s degree in nutrition and health, Mina Nicole Händel graduated as MSc. in Human Nutrition from Copenhagen University in April 2010. Already as a bachelor student, Mina planned, executed and published results on the intervention study “Take the Stairs and Stay Healthy” at the Institute of Preventive Medicine. Post graduate Mina was employed as a research assistant in the Healthy Start intervention [Sund Start] team at the Institute of Preventive Medicine and as an assistant professor in Nutrition and Health at the Metropol University College teaching bachelor students. In collaboration with the Department of Clinical Research, University of Southern Denmark and Odense Patient data Explorative Network (OPEN), Odense University Hospital, The Parker Institute / Institute of Preventive Medicine and MRC Life Course epidemiology unit at the University of Southampton, Mina has been enrolled as a Ph.D. student since July 2013.

The PhD project examines the impact of nutrition in early life on bone health later in childhood, using national registries, biobanks, as well as comprehensive longitudinal birth cohorts. Planned projects within the PhD are to investigate the exposure of vitamin D-fortified foods in the fetal life in birth cohorts around the period of 1985 and later risk of fractures among 10-18 year old individuals, and a recent work examines vitamin D at birth determined on the basis of biological material from the Danish Neonatal Screening Biobank and the risk of fractures among 6-13 year old children. During her PhD project Mina has visited the MRC Life Course epidemiology unit at the University of Southampton, UK for three months to examine the influence of vitamin A in fetal life for later bone health in a large English cohort of pregnant women (Southampton Women´s Survey). The results from the PhD has continuously been disseminated in high impact international peer-reviewed journal, as well as at leading international conferences, and it may be mentioned that Mina in connection with an oral presentation at the 7th International Conference on Children's Bone Health in Salzburg, Austria, was the winner of the New Investigator Award. Supervisors: prof. Bo Abrahamsen, prof. Berit L. Heitmann, prof. Cyrus Cooper