Kristian Zobbe

Clinical assistent
PhD student
+45 3816 4148
+45 3816 4159

Kristian Zobbe recieved his medical degree from The University of Copenhagen in 2013. He has been working in Center for Rheumatology and Spine diseases, Gentofte, since 2015.

Kristians main research field is Gouty Arthritis. Starting fall 2016 he has been doing epidemiology research under Professor Lene Dreyer. Current projects have primarily focused on describing the Danish gout population and its comorbidities. Future epidemiology projects will include collaboration with colleagues from The University of Oxford and will look at both UK and Danish gout patients in concert.

Kristian started working at the Parker Institute late 2017 and starting early 2018 he will be doing a RCT on weight loss in obese gout patients.