Elisabeth Bandak

PhD student
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Elisabeth Bandak graduated as a physiotherapist from The Copenhagen School of Physiotherapy in January 2005. Immediately after she left for a year’s stay in Syria. After an initial training in Arabic she undertook voluntary work, whereby she gained insight and experience in various aspects of physiotherapeutical work in a country very different from Northern Europe. Among others, she worked with children with cerebral paresis and other handicaps. An important aspect of this was to teach their parents how to stimulate their childrens’ motor function. She also worked with lymphoedema patients and rehabilitation of orthopaedic patients. In Denmark Elisabeth has mostly worked with patients with orthopaedic and rheumatological diseases. EB has worked at the Parker Institute since 2007 with examinations and tests of patients with chronic pain diseases, among these fibromyalgia. The examinations are part of a programme for treatment and education of patients with chronic pain, and the results contribute to clinically based development of the treatment.