Clinical Research Unit

Translational medicine has two directions and in the outpatients clinic, both clinicians and researchers from the Parker Institute keep an open eye on clinical issues to be clarified. Many projects originates from daily experience with diagnostics or treatment algorithms to be clarified and optimised. All projects are discussed from the very onset of planning with members of the patient organization (Støtteforeningen) at the Department.

The common objective is to provide the patients with the best treatment options. Part of this process is often the benefit of extra diagnostics and surveillance, while also increased time consumption from the part of the patients.

Typically, projects involving PI staff are run in collaboration with the outpatient clinics, while may also be conducted outside the Hospital, in the primary sector, at e.g. physiotherapy clinics. PI participation may be as principal investigator or as investigator with specified tasks, including both clinical and laboratory measurement.

The PI has its own development program for registration of patient reported outcomes both at the Hospital and as home-based feed back systems

The Clinical Research Unit consists of 1 Professor, 2 senior researchers, 2 PhD students and 2 nurses.
Ongoing Projects
Read about the projects that has recently started. If you want to know about the projects that is completed go to “Publications”.
The Clinical Research Unit works closely with the other units in the house but also with both national and international collaborators